Ever wondered why you try looking at a room from different angles while on a home visit for a property deal? Well, there is a reason behind this. Every room has a focal point as per its construction. A person interested in buying the place will look at each room with all his stuff arranged in it.

So here are a few tips for sellers trying to sell their house in Dammam on how to leave a mark on the visitor’s mind. Make sure it is all done before you contact a real estate agent in Dammam:

  • Start with de-cluttering – Whether you are expecting visitors or trying to click some pictures of your home interior for posting on a social website, start with arranging all the stuff at its exact place. Try to keep the floor and walls as visible as possible; this will make it appear more spacious. The room should contain just the basic furniture and nothing else.
  • Hide your personal stuff from view – Just for the visit, hide all your personal stuff inside the cupboard to let the buyer visualize the place as his own home. With your family photos, kid’s toys and religious décor rendering a personal touch to the house, it becomes difficult for the buyer to imagine it as his own.
  • Choose a bright color scheme for each room – Not necessarily all of us would like to use bright colors in our home interiors; yet a bright scheme will leave a lasting impression on the onlooker enhancing the possibilities. Harmonize the color scheme of curtains, bed sheets, cushions and quilt with the furniture.
  • Give special attention to the lighting in every room – If you have a usual lighting system in a room, you may place lamp shades for dramatic lighting effects. This should be preferably done for a bedroom as dim lighting can make a room look a little smaller however having cozy bedrooms is not a problem for most home owners. For other rooms, use just as many lights as possible to draw the attention of the visitor.
  • Some tips for small rooms – To make a small room appear bigger, keep a natural light source open. You may also try placing a mirror and plants for a refreshing and roomy look.

All set? Now you are ready to sell your house in Dammam. For further help, contact real estate experts in Saudi Arabia.