Looking for a home for rent? Deciding on the wall colors and floor matting must be so exciting, right? Well, sorry to buzz you here, but there are many other more important things to consider before you even look into the options available. Here are some:

  • What all is included – In addition to the living space, you must investigate about what other things are included into the agreement. For instance, furniture, water, electricity, cable, internet, parking and all. Some owners include all the bills into one while others add it separately as per the usage. Whatever may be the case, it must be clear to you.
  • Are there any additional charges – Well, there could be hundreds of reasons to make you pay additional charges such as security deposit, guest charges, pet fee, etc. Some contracts include penalties for moving out before the contract expiration date while others compel you to buy renters insurance.
  • Never decide without inspecting the apartment – While listing, homes for rent, the owners, mostly boast about the space, the facilities, neighborhood and other things. It is strongly recommended that you plan a visit to the apartment to check the real picture. Not just the looks, but you should consider everything else, including accessibility, parking facility and privacy. All these things will decide whether the apartment is fit for your requirements in all manners or not.
  • Looks can be deceiving – Most home owners give a face lift to the home before posting an ad for homes for rent. Anyone can be misguided by a good representation of the place. However, you should not forget that with time, your house would need maintenance and repair. A luxurious home will certainly be more demanding for upholding its condition.
  • Negotiation is important – While negotiating at the cost or rent, your approach matters the most. Every property owner keeps a cushion while deciding on the cost. The best way to go about it is to read the contract carefully and you will definitely find something to negotiate. You should also try to find out information about the landlord. If he has many rented apartments in and around the city then the negotiation part can become a bit difficult however if the landlord just wants to rent out his property for security reason, some cost cutting is possible.

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